Landscape Architect

Scope of Services

‚ÄčHare Associates offers a wide range of services, depending on the nature of the project and the client's needs.  Each project provides an opportunity to work with the unique physical challenges and character that defines an outdoor space.  We work closely with our clients, responding to their interests and passions, as well as with consulting teams and contractors  to create  cohesive and special outdoor spaces.  .


At the onset of the project we listen to the needs and desires of the client to implement a design process that will create an outdoor space that is ultimately gratifying for the client as well as the community at large.  Although the process and the components of the concept development vary, the outcome will be a plan that provides the foundation for the landscape to be built.

     Components of Concept Development

  • Client and Consultant Project Input
  • Site Review and Inventory
  • Regulatory Requirement Review
  • Sketch and Illustrative Design Scenerios
  • Refinement and Evolution of the Conceptual Design
  • Presentation Documents for Public Review (when required)


Once the concept plan is defined, construction documents are developed for the purpose of obtaining permits to build and implement the plan.  Hare Associates takes the project through the design review process for the appropriate government or other juristiction, whenrequired, to obtain approval for the project.  The resulting construction documents include the intricacies and details that will make the space special and unique, as well as provide the tools to implement the overall scope of the landscape design.

      Components of Construction Documents:

  • Title Sheets
  • Irrigation Plans, to include best water use practices
  • Planting Plans
  • Site and Dimension Plans(walkways, patios, pools and fountains, etc.)
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Details and Specification


Hare Associates can provide professional advice during the construction phrase of your project, as well as coordination with other consultants, if needed.

  • Review and Response to Request for Information (RFI's)
  • Review of Bidding
  • Value Engineering of Drawings
  • Design changes for City or other Jurisdictions, as needed
  • Phasing Programs
  • Project Observationsand Related Reports (Punch Lists, Letter of Acceptance)
  • As-Built Drawings